'State's economic growth not improving people's lives'

Livni says young generation has lost belief in politicians and the system; slams PM for sticking to economic policies at cost of citizens.

tzipi livni_311 (photo credit: Idan Gross )
tzipi livni_311
(photo credit: Idan Gross )
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Friday said that the protest movements taking place all over the country are the result of the working middle class feeling that they are carrying the burden economically and not enjoying Israel's economic achievements themselves.
"The anger in the streets stems from the fact that there are those that can contribute but don't want to and the middle class carries on its back entire groups that don't participate in the workforce," Livni stated during a speech at a conference at Kibbutz Yifat.
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"There is growth which is not being translated into quality of life for Israeli citizens," the Kadima leader said.
Livni slammed the government of Prime Minister Binayamin Netanyahu for sticking to free-market economics, even when the policy hurts the citizens of Israel.
"We must have competition, but only insofar as it is good for the citizens. If it does not serve the citizens, than the government must intervene," she continued.
Livni addressed the failure of politicians from the government and the opposition to give answers that please young protesters in tents demonstration against the high price of housing.
"The young generation has lost its general belief. Not only in this government, which represents the essence of bad, but in all politicians and in the system," she said.
"We must give to the young generation that lives here real content and not just a specific solution for the housing crisis," Livni stated.