Teen arrested for threatening to ‘make cop disappear'

Police have asked the court to keep 15-year-old in custody until the end of legal proceedings.

A 15-year-old was arrested after telling a police officer he would “cut him in half” and “make him disappear,” police said on Monday.
The youth has been charged at the Petah Tikva Youth Magistrate’s Court after being arrested Friday night.
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When the defendant noticed the officers, he threw rocks at them and cursed at them. After being arrested, he told a policeman, “I’ll kill you, cut you in half, and make you disappear,” and then spat in all directions, police added.
Police have asked the court to keep the youth in custody until the end of legal proceedings.
“We are prepared for the summer, and we will not allow public disturbances and threats to the safety of the public,” police said in a statement.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, two drunk youths went on the rampage in a Rehovot police station after being arrested, police said.
The youths were apprehended after entering a gas station in Rehovot, drinking several beers and then allegedly attempted to steal a vodka bottle.