Terror victims organization to hold protest after Kerry refuses meeting

"He meets with people who support terror, but he won’t meet with us," says Almagor director Lt.-Col. (res.) Meir Indor.

Meir Indor 370 (photo credit: Facebook.)
Meir Indor 370
(photo credit: Facebook.)
The Almagor Terror Victims Organization plans to hold protests outside US Secretary of State John Kerry’s hotel on Tuesday, after he declined to meet with them.
“We understand that your duty is to further the interests of the United States in the Middle East, but we object to this being done through the release of terrorists who murdered our loved ones and who are liable to murder other Jews in the future,” reads a letter from the organization to Kerry sent Monday.
The organization asked to meet with Kerry “in the name of justice, morality, and fairness… to express our feelings regarding this matter.”
A State Department representative told Almagor director Lt.-Col. (res.) Meir Indor that while Kerry is sympathetic to their cause, he does not have time to meet with them. However, he plans to attend a ceremony honoring the memory of victims of terror.
Pointing to Kerry’s meetings with his Iranian counterpart and with Palestinian Authority representatives, Indor said: “He meets with people who support terror, but he won’t meet with us.”
“Kerry is putting on a show. On the one hand, he’s going to cry at a memorial ceremony; on the other, he releases prisoners,” Indor stated. “We don’t need ceremonies, we need action.”
“It’s inappropriate for him to pressure Israel to do what the Americans won’t do in their own country,” Indor said of prisoner releases.
Last week, the government released 26 prisoners who committed acts of terror before the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993. This was the second of four releases, after which 104 terrorists will have been released to the PA as a goodwill gesture to continue peace talks.