25 wild animals found poisoned on Golan Heights

Israel Nature and Parks Authority investigate man who used poison to prevent predators from preying on cattle.

Dead jackal in the Golan. (photo credit: COURTESY INPA)
Dead jackal in the Golan.
(photo credit: COURTESY INPA)
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority discovered about 25 wild animals dead from severe poisoning cases in the Golan Heights on Wednesday.
Discovered strewn across a Golan field, the 25 animals had all consumed portions of a lamb carcass that had been poisoned by deadly pest control materials, the INPA said. Among those dead were 21 jackals, a wolf, a fox and an eagle. Several kilometers away, inspectors found a dead vulture and are examining whether this animal’s death was related to the poisoning incident, according to the authority.
This episode follows a month in which inspectors have encountered 15 incidents where dozens of wild animals died due to poisoning, the INPA said.
Following an investigation that took place throughout the day on Wednesday, INPA inspectors said they met with one resident of a southern Golan Heights community who confessed to using the poisons due to a number of recent predatory cases affecting his son’s cattle herd. An inquiry has been opened against the man and will be submitted in the coming days to court, the authority explained.
“I have ordered investigations into the poisonings and the prosecutions of culprits who are causing enormous damage to wildlife and nature,” said INPA director-general Shaul Goldstein, stressing, however, that it is crucial to find appropriate solutions for farmers who feel the need to use the pesticides as well.
“We are working together with the chairman of the farm lobby in the Knesset, MK Zvulun Kalfa [Bayit Yehudi], the Agriculture Ministry and the regional council in order to reach a solution,” he said.