A Google ‘first’ for the Technion

Prof. Dan Shechtman's Nobel Prize, Google Street View putting Haifa, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on the map.

Technion University (photo credit: Courtesy)
Technion University
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has become the first Israeli university to be photographed for Google Street View.
The Google initiative is a worldwide project to which Israel agreed that enables 360-degree views of locations as if viewers were there. The Haifa Institute, whose Prof. Dan Shechtman was just announced for the 2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, has been the scene of filming on adult tricycles equipped with special cameras.
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Dr. Avital Stein, the Technion’s deputy president and director-general, said that “the Nobel Prize announcement again put the university on the map, and now Google arrives and actually puts us on the map with magnificent photographs.
“Many Technion graduates are working at Google, and the Technion has many cooperative projects with it,” she said.
The photographers intended to remain on campus for one day but because of its size, had to continue for another full day.