Gov't launches environmental ad campaign on CNN

New 10-second ads on CNN International aim to help Israel brand itself as a "green country."

CNN Green ad 390 (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
CNN Green ad 390
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
With the aim of branding itself as a “green country,” the government has bought hundreds of 10-second broadcasting spots on CNN International to advertise its expertise in environmental innovation.
The commercials, which will be shown in conjunction with CNN weather updates, feature a background slide show of photovoltaic panels, buds sprouting out of thick mud, a drop of water spreading ripples through a pool and sprawling wheat fields.
In line with the images, a man’s voice narrates: “Live Weather Updates, in association with Israel, pioneering green technology for a better world.”
The campaign was launched on Thursday to brand Israel as a breakthrough country in green technology, a joint initiative of the Environmental Protection Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s National Information Directorate, the offices announced in a joint statement.
The government coordinated the launch with the high-level summit of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, where 66 Israeli delegates joined about 50,000 participants.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan on Thursday and thanked him for the ministry’s ongoing activities to promote an environmental agenda for Israel and for helping the country to remain at the forefront of green innovation, the ministries said.
“Israel is offering to the world the pioneering green technologies that it has developed,” Netanyahu said, in a statement released by his office. “The goal of the campaign is to the show the world Israel’s great abilities in the field of green technology.”
The campaign is part of the government’s effort to make global agendas more integral components of Israeli policy, an interest that should lead to greater participation in conferences like Rio+20, according to the Foreign Ministry.
Through these platforms, the ministry said, Israel can strive to share its knowledge and experience in technology and innovation to the developing world, and strengthen its friendships around the planet.
“Israel has solutions for the challenges facing the world today, such as the shortages of food and water,” Erdan said. “The campaign raises the international awareness of Israel as a global leader in green innovation.”