Lost at sea: Turtle dies at Israel power plant

A giant sea turtle swept through stormy waves into the Hadera Orot Rabin power station, according to the Israel Electric Company.

Sea turtle at Hadera power plant 370 (photo credit: IEC)
Sea turtle at Hadera power plant 370
(photo credit: IEC)
A giant orange sea turtle died after it was swept through the Mediterranean's stormy waves and into the Hadera Orot Rabin power station at Thursday noontime, the Israel Electric Company said.
The turtle, measuring 80 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide, barreled in to the power plant, shocking workers . Unfortunately, the turtle did not survive his journey, the company said.
Due to the height of the waves, the IEC also said it had suspended coal unloading operations from ships temporarily at Orot Rabin, but stressed that this did not affect electricity supplies for the country’s residents.
Israel is currently experiencing its worst weather in decades, and days of torrential rain has brought much of the center of the country to a standstill. Thick snow fell in Jerusalem and the North on Thursday, causing more transportation upsets, and also a plethora of snow angels and snowmen.