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Daniel Hool
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Try one yourself >>> Residence: Bnei Brak, Israel Married? With children? Married, six children Occupation: Talmud Scholar Education: London England, O'levels and A'levels, Duke of Edinburgh Gold award Pets: Stuffed synthetic Koala bear Religious affiliation / observance: Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Family history (100 words max): My Father (now retired) was a leading Rabbi in Kingsbury, London, who sent dozens of families from his community to live in Israel. The late Major Benjy Hillman who was killed in the last Lebanon war, lived up the road to me and made aliyah from Kingsbury with his family. I am the youngest of 5 children, and at various ages I have enjoyed and excelled in, shooting, badminton, football, hiking, skiing, parachuting, drama, guitar, Karate, debating. I came to Israel at age 18 and studied in an American Jerusalem haredi yeshivah and have been here ever since. Defining moment: Visiting the Kotel Ma'aravi (Western Wall) for the first time as an adult yeshiva bochur. My favorite holiday: Shevuos (Shavuot). When I spend the whole night in yeshiva learning Torah until morning, there is an amazing feeling of closeness to G-D. This is combined with the powerfull thought that you are carrying on the tradition handed down father to son since the time of Moses himself. On Friday night... We have a deliciouse meal cooked by my wonderfull wife Avigayil. We sing Zemiros with the children and relate inspiring stories of our rich heritage. We ask questions on the weekly Torah portion, and we discuss the Torah view of world current events. Comfort food: A Shwarma from Jerusalem wrapped in a laffa. I was eating a hot one once in the Swiss alps and an envious waiter asked where I bought it. "Jerusalem mate!" I said with a grin. My mentor: Any genuine Torah scholar who toils in understanding the timeless holy words of Torah. To some extent, everyone else as well! 3 wishes: 1) I merit to see Moshiach in my lifetime. 2) I continue to toil in Torah study for the rest of my life 3) My secular Jewish brothers and sisters take the time to investigate why people like me spend their lives learning Torah. Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants