FREE Win-a-Trip-to-Israel Raffle

raffle 298 (photo credit: )
raffle 298
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The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition is happy to announce the launching of its FREE Win-a-Trip-to-Israel Raffle. The winner of the raffle will receive roundtrip airfare for two courtesy of Israir - from New York, Tel Aviv or selected European cities - a seven-night hotel stay courtesy of Prima Hotels and a seven-day car rental courtesy of Best Car Rental. All you have to do to be eligible for the raffle is register with Why register? Well, three reasons for starters: 1) Only registered users can win the prizes 2) Registered users will receive exclusive information, offers and content from The Jerusalem Post, content that will not be posted online 3) Registration provides us with data we can use to improve our online services to better fit your needs So, the only question that remains is what are you waiting for? Click here for your chance to win the trip to Israel>>>