Smaller Parties

There are 18 more parties vying for public attention and your votes, but they have little chance of passing the two percent voter threshold. Israel Hazaka has focused on fighting organized crime. Tzomet supports giving soldiers a year of university for free, drafting haredim and separating religion from state. Or is a secularist party that supports a universal draft, but only after the education system has been universalized to give haredim and Israeli Arabs a Zionist education that would make them fit in with the army. The Green Leaf Party and Green Leaf Graduates and Holocaust Survivors Party both support legalizing Marijuana, while the latter also wants more benefits for survivors. The Israelim Party was formed to push for electoral reforms, including the immediate passage of a constitution, a cabinet made up strictly of professionals and selecting half the Knesset in direct-regional elections. The Responsibility Party backs electoral reforms. Tzabar is a young people's party that aims to help students, soldiers and young families. Da'am is an Arab workers' party. Leader, Lev and the Israeli Renewal Party are Russian immigrant parties. There is a Men's Rights party that fights for divorced dads, a Power for the Handicapped Party, the Lehem Party that works on behalf of the poor and a Power of Money party that struggles against the banks. The Lazuz Party promises to fight corruption. Last but not least, Brit Olam is joint Jewish-Arab party that stands for the foundation of a Palestinan state, separation of church and state, raising the minimum wage and improving the education system.