A letter from the bottom of my heart

Instead of trying to get out of this box of anger and bigotry that you’re in, you just stay inside of it, day after day, hoping in the end the Jews will surrender and voluntarily jump into the sea.

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu-Zuhri (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu-Zuhri
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Dear Mushir al-Masri and Sami Abu Zuhri, The two of you function as makeshift Hamas spokesmen in Gaza. I would write to Ismail Haniyeh or Mahmoud Al-Zahar, or at least Fawzi Barhoum, but they haven’t been around much lately. I wonder where the tunnel they’re hiding in is located.
I would have written a letter to Khaled Mashaal, but he already has enough problems to deal with. He’s in Qatar, moving from one place to another, with no home.
He probably misses the glory days when he was back in Cairo, when he was known as a mover and a shaker in Hamas and everyone hung on his every word.
And now he’s gone.
Mashaal gave a speech this week and explained that Israel will continue to suffer from devastation again and again. But the truth is, the speech sounded like a scene from a Monty Python movie.
Let’s go back a moment in history. In 1947, when the UN voted in favor of partitioning this land, we were in more or less the same situation we are now. There were about 600, 0 00 of us ragamuffin Jews, and you numbered a little bit more than that. The entire Arab world stood behind you, plus you had the overwhelming support of the international community and five standing armies and an unlimited supply of weapons.
We had the ashes of six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust and a few shipments of arms from Czechoslovakia.
We decided to say “yes” to the Partition Plan , even though we felt we were being shortchanged. You said “no.”
And then what happened? We fought in seven wars and three large operations in Gaza. And there have been two and a half intifadas.
Look at where you are now and where we are. We’re one of the most advanced nations in the world, and one of the only ones that has a system capable of intercepting rockets in-flight within fractions of seconds and with such a high success rate.
We’ve sent satellites up into space. We’ve become leaders in the world (to your detriment) in the production of unmanned aircraft. We’ve won more than a few Nobel prizes, our economy is booming yet also stable, and our GDP is almost as high as European countries’.
We’ve accomplished all this despite the fact that we are surrounded by terrorists like yourselves.
We have a fantastic health system. Despite all the criticism, our doctors are well respected and are attracting more and more medical tourism. Our top-quality hospitals also take care of your babies around the clock, and have even treated quite a few injured Syrians who’ve been through hell and back.
The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of t he finest institutions in the world. We have a vibrant democracy. Although it can be a bit crazy, it is real. We have a supreme court that has won international acclaim, and rightly so.
We are among the elite when it comes to hi-tech, agricultural innovation and (unfortunately for you) arms exports. The only category in which we’ve both stayed at about the same level is soccer.
So please tell me, where did you go wrong? Let’s talk about you guys now for a moment. When Israel left the Gaza Strip nine years ago, you were offered an historic opportunity.
You could have picked up the gauntlet and tried to create something positive, like rehabilitating the refugee camps or developing agriculture or industry.
You could have invested all your burning hatred into rehabilitating the Palestinian people.
You could have created things and educated your people.
Instead, you’ve chosen to continue on with your idiotic jihad, which has only hurt you. And all the while you continue to spread lies and post online shockingly amateurish photo-montages of Syrian atrocities that you try to convince the world are taking place in Gaza.
Come on, no one’s buying this stuff anymore.
Unfortunately for you guys, the world is starting to wake up and smell the coffee.
People are watching what’s happening here and are beginning to understand where they went wrong.
Radical Islam is no longer just threatening us. It also poses a threat in England, France and Germany. In England, authorities are currently on the look for Muslim twins – 16-year-old British citizens who have married British jihadists who’ve joined ISIS.
Very soon, all of these jihadists will return to their homes in Europe. The Europeans will learn very soon that radical Islam is the enemy of humanity. Some of them already understand.
General Abdul Fattah Sisi understands.
The Saudis understand. The Jordanians have understood for a while already. Even the Turks might understand at some point.
And you know what? I know this sounds crazy, but maybe even the Americans might understand one day.
And you? Instead of trying to get out of this box of anger and bigotry that you’re in, you just stay inside of it, day after day, hoping in the end the Jews will surrender and voluntarily jump into the sea.
My dear Mushir and Sami, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I have to tell you: forget about it! With all due respect for your famous Islamic patience, I believe that historically – and Muslims believe this too – we are a more ancient people than you are.
Much more.
And before you tried to destroy us, there were others who were bigger and better who tried to achieve this goal – the Nazis, for example, remember them? – but they didn’t succeed. Even if you do manage to do some damage in Tel Aviv with one of your rockets, or Haifa, or let’s say one of your commandos succeeds in breeching the IDF’s security ring and carrying out a terrorist attack on a kibbutz.
Do you think if this happens we’ll just give up and run away?