The Weekly Schmooze: George Clooney, Nazi Hunter

A Jpost column wrapping up Jewish culture news worldwide: Oprah goes haredi; Kutsher's attempts to be trendy.

weekly schmooze 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
weekly schmooze 311
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George Clooney: Sex symbol. Oscar nominee. Nazi Hunter? The actor has optioned the non-fiction book The Monuments Men, about US and UK art experts tracking down works of art looted by Nazis from Jewish owners. The Descendants star is expected to take a lead role in the film.
Why would a group of hassidic Jews let Oprah into their home, if they've never even seen her on television? That question and many more will be answered on February 12, when the talk show host visits an ultra-orthodox family for her new series Oprah's Next Chapter. Watch her ask about a woman's role in a hassidic family and express shock at the concept of black haredim in this preview:
Speaking of ultra-orthodox – The Aish yeshiva in Jerusalem has produced yet another music video, this time with an original song called "We've Gotta Live Together." The clip is meant to encourage unity among Jews in Israel, and shows secular, orthodox and haredi people doing each other favors.
Kutsher's, the legendary Catskills hotel that hosted many a Jewish family in its heyday, has opened a restaurant in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood. The restaurant – which received a less-than-glowing review from New York Magazine - is described as "modern Jewish-American," isn't Kosher, and features such dishes as falafel-crusted salmon and "gourmet pedestals" made of gefilte fish.
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