The Weekly Schmooze: Woody Allen's neurotic R2D2

JPost on hottest Jewish news: A frustrating Shabbat with John McCain; play 'Hipster or Hassid.'

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After Disney bought the rights to Star Wars last month, the Internet exploded with parody videos – Leia becoming a Disney Princess, Darth Vader visiting Disney World, etc. Other clips focused on who would direct the new Disney-Star Wars movies. Conan O'Brien imagined what would happen if Woody Allen contributed his own, neurotic (of course) chapter to the sci-fi classic series:
For those who have never experienced it before, Shabbat in Israel can be very confusing, as Senator John McCain discovered. In an interview for The New York Times, Senator Joe Lieberman described his first Saturday in Jerusalem with McCain. "He said that traveling with me compelled him to put up with all this Shabbat stuff – well,, he actually used another term, but it's not appropriate. The first time he got into a Shabbat elevator with me in Jerusalem, he pressed Button 9, and it went to Floor 2. He pressed it again and it went to Floor 3. These Shabbat elevators, they’re preset because you can’t use them on Shabbat. McCain has many virtues, but one is not patience. He said, “What the hell is going on with this elevator?”
Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 before marrying Jared Kushner, has her own Shabbat routine, which she described to the Wall Street Journal.
"Once a week I disconnect completely. No email, no TV, no Internet from Friday night to Saturday night," she said. "It's incredibly restorative." Plus, if you score an invitation to the Trump-Kushner family's Friday night dinner, get ready to be well-fed. Trump says she treats every Shabbat like Thanksgiving, and plans to make mint pea soup with challah croissants and beef goulash with egg noodles this week.
Some neighborhoods in Brooklyn are divided into two population groups - hipsters and hassids – who seem to have only their love of facial hair in common. Jimmy Kimmel zoomed into some Brooklyn beards, quizzing the public. Can you guess who's a hipster and who's a hassid?
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