Letters to the editor, May 19

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letters to the editor 88
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Did he check? Sir, - David Forman argues quite convincingly for Israel to "End the degradation" (May 18), but I wonder where he got his facts. From the sound of it, he heard a lot of Palestinian complaints. But did he check the story with anyone on the Israeli side? For example, did he make sure that at the time plans for the original school bathroom site were rejected there were not some real security reasons for this? Did he talk to the settlers he claims confiscated Palestinian land to get their side of the story? It certainly doesn't sound like it. STEPHEN TANNENBAUM Thornhill, Ontario Sin of smoking Sir, - My humble thanks for "Smoking sins of parents visited on infants, study finds" (May 12). Here in the US I've been following and fighting tobacco since 1986 with a passion that wakes me up and puts me to sleep. In these 20 years I can't recall any news media source in our US attaching the powerful description of "sins of the parents" to smokers' children. Regrettably, so many professional health advocates, aiming to change the head not the heart of the tobacco addict, resist recognizing smoking as a sin. I am joyfully sharing this JP news link with many. MIKE SAWYER Director, I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Great start Sir, - Thank you for the additional word and number puzzles in your second section. Every morning we go straight to that page, even before reading the headlines! It's a real early-morning stimulant. Keep it up, and add more. JUDITH & ANTHONY LUDER Rosh Pina