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ABOUT YOU >>> Age: 66 Residence: Yishuv Bar Yochai, Merom Hagalil Married? With children? widowed + 1 Current occupation: Retired physician Dream job/career: I had a great career as an MD but with fantasies of the prime minister's office What are you most proud of: Having moved back to Israel in 1989 in the 36th week of pregnancy Religious affiliation / observance: Modern orthodox with liberal views tendered with love of man Last person / party I voted for: Can't remember which party but I was disappointed Next person / party I will vote for: Is there anyone, person/party, to vote for that has OUR concerns at heart? My history (100 words max): I was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. Went to School there as well. In 1967, at the end of my internship the 6 Day War reawakened my Zionism and in 1971 I visited Israel and then in 1973 first moved here. I was the physician for 5 kibbutzim on the Gaza border and loved it but my wife didn't and so we returned to Canada. But I couldn't live there quietly so we parted as friends. Finally remarried and then decided that our child must be born here in Israel. Worked at Hadassah ob/gyn dept until moving to the Galil some 10+ years ago. On the way, have been involved with our community. My wife z"l passed. Quit work in 2005 to move to Gush Katif which has left scars and then was at Amona that left further scars. But life goes on. I have since done some different things. I remember listening on the radio in 1948 to the declaration of the state but although my family were Zionists, never considered moving here until many years later. Since returning, I have never looked back even though my 95-year-old mother always asked "are you happy there". Few realize that you live in Israel as a Jew and in the Diaspora it is only a facsimile of living as a Jew - that is my conclusion after many years Family history (100 words max): Father z"l and maternal grandmother z"l from Radom Poland but left before WWII. Grandmother z"l is responsible for saving the family (now some 1500+ souls) by bringing them over one by one until it was too late in Europe. Only two survived the camps to made it to Canada and one to Israel. Almost all the family and my immediate family reside in Canada and N. America although they are all over the world. My family were always Zionists and I was not the first to move here but in my immediate family, we are the only ones here. We visit yearly and recently the family makes their trips here as well. We are all involved in our respective Jewish communities having grown up with my grandmother's z"l and father's z"l intense community commitment and involvement Greatest invention: The Internet, guacamole, Ben and Jerry's If you could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: My wife z"l, to tell her many things that went unsaid and to let her see our daughter live in her beautiful development as a Jew and human being If you could go anywhere on vacation, it would be: Being from Vancouver Canada has not left me with an appetite to see beauty in Nature but there are some places that I would like to take my daughter to explore Jewish history - Spain, Morocco, and so on Feminine/masculine trait I'd like to have: The greatest thing that a person can do is to bear a child as it is the closest to Hashem that we can get in this physical incarnation. That I think is why I returned after 17 years as a family MD to become an ob/gyn. It for me is partaking in a miracle beyond words and I would like to experience that miracle What angers you: The lack of vision that many here and elsewhere have with regards to the evil that is creeping over the world. It is our role as Jews to stand for the truth, that is what being religious is all about and what the Torah teaches us and mankind. This blindness we have had as a Nation in the past and yet we repeat the same mistake. Only this time it is in my lifetime What makes you happy: Giving to others and being a part of happiness. Being spontaneous in gestures of giving. Sharing the joy of life and watching the young grow Last book I read was: Naomi Regan's The Saturday Wife Comfort food: Peanut butter and ice cream especially at night - disastrous Anything you regret? Not having married younger and having had the opportunity for more children. Not having moved to Israel in younger years My life five years from now: To share the joy of finding a partner, seeing my daughter grow and marry and bear her children in peace. You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: I fear for our future and the future of N. American Jews for not standing up for the truth. We are at war both physically and spiritually and the evil must be overcome. We are repeating our history in so many ways and yet it is clear to all except those whose ego clouds their sight, that we must be the light unto the Nations to save ourselves. Antisemitism will never go away as it is founded in jealousy of what we were given and potentially possess. Our whole Torah is to fulfill that potential yet you do not have to be 'religious' to posses it and to practise it. We must act for the future generations that they can share the joy of life. After 66 years there is only the truth and it is sometimes painful but very liberating. So we must liberate the world by our actions Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 Click here to leave a message for Pesach Aceman ABOUT YOU >>> Meet all 'About Me' participants