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Shara Grifenhagen
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ABOUT YOU >>> Age: 30 Residence: Tel Aviv Married? With children? Not yet Current occupation: Marketing for Dream job/career: See above -- making a living from writing and being creative What are you most proud of: Successfully moving to Israel alone with only 3 Hebrew words in my vocabulary - it's since grown Religious affiliation / observance: Just Jewish - I don't like to label myself Last person / party I voted for: Oy. I accidentally voted for the Communist Arab party. I have since learned the process Next person / party I will vote for: I haven't decided yet...but definitely not the Communist Arab party My history (100 words max): I grew up in suburban North Carolina, the daughter of a northeastern transplant and a Filipino immigrant. What I remember most about my childhood is lighting candles every Friday night with my parents and siblings. It was kind of fun being so different - not only were we Jewish, but we were half Asian and living in the South. Some people STILL can't wrap their heads around that one. I made aliyah in 2005 and now I'm even more of an anomaly... bi-racial, quadra-cultural Family history (100 words max): My father served in the Peace Corps after graduating from university. He was stationed in the Philippines where he met my beautiful mother. They fell in love and he brought her back to the US. They have a fantastically beautiful love story and I feel blessed to be a product of that union Greatest invention: The internet. Without it, it would be SO hard for me to keep up with my friends in the US and I wouldn't have a job! If you could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: I think it would be kind of cool to dine with Madonna. Talk about a woman who has experienced a lot! If you could go anywhere on vacation, it would be: African safari Feminine/masculine trait I'd like to have: I wish I cared about make-up more than I do. But I don't What angers you: People who can't laugh at themselves. And also people who disrespect other people's boundaries. And closed mindedness. Being different is what makes the world go 'round, folks! What makes you happy: Nachos. Swing sets. Mint chocolate chip ice cream...the green kind. Starry nights. Seeing other people smile. Taking a nap in the grass....and I really think prairie dogs are adorable! Last book I read was: "Lucky" by Alice Sebold. I just finished it last night Comfort food: Nachos. Or biscuits. Or mashed potatoes...but they have to be made dairy...with cream and butter. I'm still a southerner! Anything you regret? Regret is kind of a useless emotion, now isn't it? Better to just use the experience to learn a lesson My life five years from now: Happy and healthy...married and starting a family You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: I can't think of any time I've ever seen a man in pleated pants and found it to be attractive or necessary Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 Click here to leave a message for Shara Grifenhagen ABOUT YOU >>> Meet all 'About Me' participants