Cooking with JPost: Peel a garlic in 10 seconds

Ever imagined peeling garlic in just a few seconds without using a knife? Celebrity Chef Yochanan Lambiase takes Kosher cooking to a whole new extreme.

Cooking with JPost (photo credit: Courtesy)
Cooking with JPost
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Video: Eli Mandelbaum
Chef Yochanan Lambiase explores the world of modern Kosher cuisine, and reveals some of the best-kept secrets of professional Kosher chefs.
Check out this amazing neat peeling garlic trick without even using a knife. Yep, that's it. A pot with a lid, a solid cutting board, a quick shake and you're 10 seconds away from a bunch of naked garlic cloves.
The great thing is that you don’t just have to limit yourself to one head. Throw in a whole bunch and you can use the garlic for infusing olive oil, making a quick pesto and much more.
What you will need:
  • Unpeeled garlic
  • A pot
  • The lid belonging to the pot
  • Your hands
A smashing good time
No super-human strength necessary. Using the palm of your hand, give the garlic a "good old bang." You can even do it twice if you'd like.
STEP TWO: Throw it all together
Place the smashed garlic into the pot. And not to worry if you have made a slight mess. That is after all half the fun of working in the kitchen.
STEP THREE: Shake shake shake!
There is absolutely no method to this madness. Simply place the lid over the garlic filled pot, put on some Samba music (or hip hop if you prefer), and shake. If you are feeling out of shape, this can also be a great workout!
Extra tip:
  • If you want to store your pre-peeled garlic cloves, put them in olive oil. They will last much longer, and you will find yourself enjoying a nice garlic-flavored olive oil. Simply superb.
About the chef
Chef Yochanan Lambiase heralds from five generations of chefs from Southern Italy. He trained under some of the most famous Michelin Star Chefs in the world. He was the founder of the Jerusalem Culinary Institute Chef Yochanan appears regularly on radio and television as well as contributing cooking articles. Now, through the videos of cooking with, Chef Yochanan will guide you through a tantalizing and trendy gourmet kosher experience Contact Chef Yochanan at [email protected] for information about his exciting culinary and wine tasting tours, cooking classes, culinary happenings and out of the box culinary events.