Top 10: Pizza places in Tel Aviv

Italy's favorite export may not be the most original of cuisines these days, but everyone loves a good honest pizza and Tel Aviv has its fair share.

Mexican Pizza 311 (photo credit: GOURMETKOSHERCOOKING.COM)
Mexican Pizza 311
Pizza may not be the most original of cuisines on offer these days, with so many exotic offerings from Asia and Africa dominating the new restaurant scene. But everyone loves a good honest pizza and Tel Aviv has its fair share of noteworthy establishments offering their own version of Italy's most famous export.
Below is a list of the ten best pizza joints in Tel Aviv:
Agvania: Thinnest crust this side Rome
With the crispiest, thinnest bases this side of Rome, "Agvania" serves up tasty pizzas with even tastier toppings. With branches throughout the city, it is always on hand to fulfill even the most discerning pizza lover's needs.
Agvania, Ibn Gvirol 88, Sheinkin 19,  Ibn Gvirol 31,  Dizengoff Center 50, Azrieli center 2nd Floor. Kosher.
Amore Mio: The genuine Italian experience
For those looking for a more genuine Italian experience, "Amore Mio" provides diners with some excellent pizzas along with a full range of Italian delicacies. Although a little pricier than some of the others in the list, this Tel Aviv establishment is well worth the visit.
Amore Mio, Ibn Gvirol 100. Not Kosher.
Rustico: Best straight out of the oven
"Rustico" may not be exclusively a pizzeria, but the pizzas really do stand out. With branches in two of the trendiest locations in town, "Rustico" can not be missed. An extensive wine list and a good selection of stone baked pizzas, along with good service offer all the ingredients for a great night.
Rustico, Bazel 42, Rothschild 15. Not Kosher.
Tony Vespa: Pizza squared
For those that know exactly how much pizza they want, when they want it "Tony Vespa" is the perfect place. This very informal take-away joint lets customers choose their pizza according to weight. With a variety of at least 10 different toppings, a second, or maybe even third visit is a must. Be careful not to go too overboard because paying by weight can make it quite pricey.
Tony Vespa, Rotchild Avenue 142. Not Kosher.
Bazilicum: Do you want some pizza with your pesto?
Pesto, Pesto, Pesto. For those that like pesto, "Bazilicum" is the place to go. Taking its name from the Hebrew for pesto, this centrally located fast food place has a number of creative toppings with is flagship pesto sauce to finish it all off. The stuffed crusts make this a pizza experience to remember.
Bazilicum, Hen Avenue Ibn Gvirol 52. Not Kosher.
Phillippe: French flavors at their best
With a tasty selection of French inspired pizzas, "Phillippe" is open till late and is always busy. Serving its pizzas on wooden boards straight out of its stone-bake oven, "Phillippe" is great for an intimate evening spent outside while sipping some of the great wine on offer.
Phillippe, Carlibach, 20 Corner of  Ibn Gvirol 1. Not Kosher.
Vulcano Pizza - Iceberg: Enjoy 2 of Italy's best exports at the same time
The "Vulcano Pizza - Iceberg" combines two of Italy's best exports - pizza and ice cream. This pizza/ice cream bar offers a full variety of pizza, all very tasty and big - with a thin base and fresh toppings. With an inviting space to spend a casual evening with friends, make sure to try and leave room for ice cream because it is very easy to spend the whole evening there.
Vulcano Pizza - Iceberg, Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port. Not Kosher.
HaPizza: This really is THE place to go
Simple, yet delicious. Tempting pizzas made from a very thin dough, covered with great tomato sauce and high-quality mozzarella are "HaPizza's" specialty. It is almost nearly impossible to find a free table at this Tel Aviv institution so expect to wait. Once seated, enjoy the location while sitting on the intimate terrace overlooking the bustling street.
HaPizza,  Bograshov 15. Not Kosher.
Big Mama: Like only she knows how
"Big Mama" used to be located in a hidden alley in the heart of the market and then moved to a bigger building. The pizzas may have changed location but they are still as tasty as ever. Red and white table cloths along with plenty of table wine means that one could even be fooled to believe that they were located in Italy.
Big Mama, Papa's Najara 13. Not Kosher.
Il Pizzaiolo: Simply does it
"Il Pizzaiolo" has an open kitchen with a modest counter and behind it. The pizzas are simple, yet tasty and the tables outside are laid with everything a pizzeria needs: garlic powder, oregano chili, Tabasco and good olive oil.
Il Pizzaiolo, Ben Yehuda 122. Kosher.