Ada Yonath, curriculum vitae

Ada Yonath, curriculum v

Education: 1959-1962 B.Sc. Chemistry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1962-1964 M.Sc. Biochemistry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1964-1968 Ph.D. X-ray crystallography, Weizmann Institute (WI) 1969 Post Doctoral Fellow, Mellon Inst. Pittsburgh, Pa., USA 1970 Post Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Chemistry, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA Professional Experience: 1989- Director, the Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Assemblies, WI 1988- Professor, Dept. of Structural Biology, WI 1988-2004 Director, the Mazer Center for Structural Biology, WI 1986-2004 Head, Max-Planck Research Unit, Hamburg, Germany 1992-1994 Chairperson, Dept. of Structural Biology, WI 1989-1990 Chairperson, Dept. of Structural Chemistry, WI 1984-1988 Associate Prof., Dept. of Structural Chemistry, WI 1974-1983 Senior Scientist, Dept. of Structural Chemistry, WI 1979-1983 Visiting Prof., Max-Planck Inst. for Mol. Genetics, Berlin, Germany 1978 summer Visiting Prof., Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile 1977-1978 Visiting Scientist, Biophysics, University of Chicago, IL, USA 1974 Visiting Scientist, Dental School, University of Alabama, USA 1971-1977 Consultant: The Open University, Israel 1971-1978 Lecturer, Tel-Aviv & Ben Gurion Universities 1970-1974 Scientist, Dept. of Chemistry, WI Member of the USA National Academy of Sciences Member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Art Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Member of the American Academy of Art and Sciences Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Honors and Awards: 2008 - Albert Einstein World Award of science, Princeton University, NJ, USA. 2008 - Honorary Doctorate, Oxford University, England 2008 - The UNESCO-L'Oréal Award for European Woman in Life science, Paris 2008 - The George E. Palade Gold Medal, Wayne State U. Medical School, Detroit, USA 2008 - The Linus Pauling Gold Medal - Stanford, USA 2007 - The American Chemical Society Luncheon in honor the Wolf Prize, Boston, USA 2007 - The Wolf Prize, Jerusalem, Israel 2007 - The Paul Ehrlich-Ludwig Darmstaedter Medal, Germany 2006 - The Israel Prime Minister EMET award 2006 - The Rothschild Prize for Life Sciences 2005 - Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize of Columbia University, NYC 2005 - The Fritz Lipmann Lectureship, the German Biochemical Society, Berlin 2005 - The Datta Lectureship Award, IUBMB, Budapest Hungary 2004 - The Massry Foundation International Award and Medal for Ribosome Research 2004 - The Paul Karrer Gold Medal, Zurich, Switzerland 2003 - The Anfinsen Prize of the Protein Society, Boston, USA 2003 - Medal of distinction, Israeli Chemical Society 2003 - Honorary doctorate, Tel-Aviv Uni. Israel 2002 - Honorary doctorate, Ben-Gurion Uni., Israel 2002 - Harvey Prize for Natural Sciences, the Technion, Israel 2002 - The Israel Prize for Chemical Research 2002 - The F.A. Cotton Medal, the USA Chemical Society, USA 2001 - Honorary Member of the Israeli Crystallographic Society 2000 - National Institutes of Health (NIH) Certificate of Distinction, USA 2000 - The Kilby International Award, USA 2000 - The First European Crystallography Prize, Nancy, France 1990 - Kolthof Award for outstanding research in Chemistry, Haifa, Israel 1989 - Holder of Martin A. Kimmel Professorial Chair, Weizmann Inst. 1974 - Somach Sachs Award for Outstanding Work in Biochemistry 1967 - Miphal Hapais Prize for Outstanding Graduate Studies Recent Plenary and special lectures: 2009 - DeLuca Lecture UCSD, La Jolla, Ca, USA 2009 - Plenary in Frontiers in Chemistry Symposium, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, Ca, USA 2008 - Palade Distinguished Lecture, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mi, USA. 2008 - World Award of Science Lecture, Princeton University, NJ, USA. 2008 - The Connell Lecture, Toronto University Medical School, Canada 2008 - Plenary Lecture at the "Women Shaping Science", Vilnius, Lithuania 2008 - The "Honors" lecture, New York University Medical School, USA 2008 - The XXXVII Annual Linus Pauling Lecture, Stanford, USA 2008 - The George E. Palade Distinguished Lecture Wayne State U. Med School, Detroit, USA 2007 - The World Women, Culture and Peace Forum, Gwangju, S. Korea 2007 - The American Chemical Society Womanhood Lecture, Boston, USA 2007 - "Nothing is Impossible" symposium, Technion, Plenary lecture 2007 - Mini symposium in honor of Wolf Winners, Weizmann Institute 2007 - The Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin Symposium keynote speaker, Zurich, Switzerland 2006 - The Keynote lecture in ESOR 11 Symposium, Warsaw, Poland 2006 - The Otto Loewy Lecture of the David Herzog Fund, Medical University, Graz, Austria 2005 - The Fritz Lipmann Lecture, Berlin 2005 - The Datta Lectureship Award, IUBMB, Budapest Hungary 2005 - "Inside the RNA World" COST symposium, Paris, France 2005 - The ICWES1 women in Science and Engineering meeting, Seoul 2004 - The NYU colloquium in Life Sciences 2004 - The Steenbock Lecture, Wisconsin, USA 2004 - The Nobelsymposium on Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes, Sweden 2004 - The FEBS Young Scientist Forum - Warsaw, Poland 2004 - The Israeli Microbiology Society Meeting, Haifa, Israel 2004 - The ESRF-Israel Collaboration Conference, Jerusalem, Israel 2003 - Student Forum Lecture, MPI, Martinsreid, Germany