Former MK Danny Rozolio laid to rest

Labor Party MK committed suicide after discovering he had Alzheimer's disease.

Former MK Danny Rozolio, 78, who committed suicide after discovering several months ago that he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, was laid to rest in the cemetery of Kibbutz Kabri in the Galilee on Sunday afternoon. Rozolio shot himself in the head on Friday in the backyard of his home on the kibbutz that he helped found and was declared dead at the scene by a Magen David Adom doctor. He was a Labor Party MK from 1977-1984 and held several other senior positions, including being general-secretary of Hakibbutz Hameuhad and chairman of the board of Solel Boneh. Hundreds of people attended the funeral at the kibbutz cemetery, including leading Labor party officials headed by Shimon Peres, Environment Minister Shalom Simhon and party leader contenders minister Matan Vilna'i and MK Amir Peretz. "Rozolio was very modest and, in contradiction to what is perceived as being a politician, he was honest and straightforward," Yehuda Shavit, a member of the kibbutz and head of the Mateh Asher regional council told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. "He worked with his brain and when he found that his brain was no longer functioning properly, he apparently made a decision. "He made many fateful decisions throughout his life and, apparently, this was one of them that was fateful and, in my opinion, a very courageous decision. "Hundreds of people, from the kibbutz, the Labor party and from the Galilee region, came to the funeral, far more than anyone including the family expected, and that, in itself, is a tribute to the man," said Shavit. Rozolio is survived by his wife, two children and six grandchildren.