Bridegroom hurt in road accident gets to huppa on time

25-year-old helped by Kaplan Medical Center two days after suffering compound leg fracture.

Injured groom and bride 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Injured groom and bride 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A 25-year-old bridegroom was helped by Kaplan Medical Center doctors and nurses to get to the wedding hall on time last week, two days after he suffered a compound leg fracture in a road accident.
After having immediate surgery under general anesthesia at the Rehovot hospital, he was enabled by the orthopedic staff last Thursday to get to the hall and break the glass under the huppa – painfully, and with the other foot.
Shlomi Maliniaker, an Ashdod resident, was rushed to the Kaplan emergency room on Tuesday after his car was hit on an Ashdod road while he was making final arrangements for his wedding to Mali. The bridegroom and friends in the car were injured. Upon arriving in the emergency room, his fiancee told the medical staff they were due to marry on Thursday.
Dr. Motti Kroshinsky and Dr. Dan Epstein of the orthopedics department performed the complex operation at night to save the parts of the knee that were smashed in the accident. He was immediately given physiotherapy so he could leave his wheelchair and stand under the marriage canopy for the ceremony. The couple returned to Kaplan,
Nurse Bruria Schneiderman of the orthopedics department said they all encouraged the family, who feared Shlomi would not be able to attend his own wedding. He was given a lightweight cast so he could stand for a few moments.
The “honeymoon” was spent in a private hospital room, which Kaplan nurses decorated with flowers and balloons. Maliniaker will need two months of rehabilitation at the hospital.