Colds don't keep Israelis from work

62.5% of those who have a cold always go to work anyway.

cough 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
cough 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Israelis apparently have a higher work ethic than some believe: 62.5% of those who have a cold always go to work anyway instead of taking a sick day. Men tend to stay at home with a cold more often than women, who go to work with a runny nose and other symptoms. But six out of 10 people object to the fact that colleagues come to their workplace when sick, as such behavior can infect others. These are some statistics revealed by a Shivuk Panorama survey carried out last month among a representative sample of 504 adults that was commissioned by a company that makes "natural remedies." A fifth of parents take a day off at least once a year due to a child's illness. Not surprisingly, in 70% of cases it is the mother who stays home, while in 15% of cases the grandmother takes care of a sick child. Only 4.5% of the time a sick child will be looked after by the father. Nearly half of the parents said a sick child was easier to take care of at home than a sick adult, often more spoiled and finicky. Half of those queried prefer to use home remedies or "natural" non-prescription supplements for a cold, while 47.1% take medications prescribed by their doctor. A quarter of all Israelis said they take vitamins and other supplements on a regular basis to prevent winter illness (even though the efficacy of most of them has not been proven scientifically).