Harmful fumes detected beneath Kirya

Four pollutants found in underground rooms in excess of acceptable levels.

environment danger 29888 (photo credit: Channel 10)
environment danger 29888
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Lack of ventilation in the underground rooms of the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv may be putting soldiers at risk, according to an Environment Ministry study reported Thursday by Channel 10. The report said harmful fumes from six different pollutants have been detected beneath the Kirya. Four of the pollutants were found at levels that far exceeded the allowable annual exposure as determined by the ministry's Almog Committee. Substances detected included benzine, trichlorethelene, cassiline, and carbon. Experts told Channel 10 that most of the materials in question were by-products of common substances, such as plastics and gasoline. The exact source of the fumes was unknown. Experts warned Channel 10 that the effects of long-term exposure to the substances in question could include damage to the nervous system and cancer of the liver or kidneys. The IDF said in response that it was checking the report and that it appeared vents were required to be installed in the base's underground rooms.