Health warning issued on Tapuchips from Cyprus

A health warning about 50 gram packages of natural flavor Tapuchips which were processed by the Pepsico plant in Cyprus was issued by Elite Foods CEO Gary Greenspan on Sunday. Pesticides, which were used on the potatoes when they were being grown, were not completely cleaned off, causing products from this particular production line to be contaminated. Greenspan emphasized that the contamination applies only to those 50 gram packages imported from Cyprus. Elite Foods has undertaken a mammoth effort to remove such packages from shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores. But in case any were missed, the public is advised to look for the letters ISS just beneath the date. The package will also state that the product was manufactured by Pepsico, Cyprus. Anyone who accidentally purchased a contaminated packet of Tapuchips is requested to telephone 1-800-777-777 in order to return the product and to have it replaced with a non-contaminated package.