Kidney found unfit for transplant

Recipient was already in surgery when blood clots were found.

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beilinson 298
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The Health Ministry is investigating a rare event in which a kidney about to be transplanted into a patient whose abdomen was opened was found during surgery to be unsuited for transplant. The kidney, "harvested" from a cadaver in an unnamed hospital in the north, was not used because of blood clots inside that would have endangered the recipient. Surgeons at Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center, which received the kidney via the National Transplant Coordination Center (Israel Transplant) in Petah Tikva, closed up the patient - a 50-year-old man - and discharged him in good condition. The cadaver's other kidney was successfully transplanted into another patient at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus. Israel Transplant coordinator Tamar Ashkenazi said that the kidney found to be unusable was rinsed in the hospital in the north, but there was a defect in the blood vessel that caused clots that the doctors involved "could not know about." She maintained that the incident did not involve medical negligence but was a rare event that could not be prevented.