'Don't panic, Gmail's down'

Once again, the power and strength of Gmail as a brand name, produced in Google's workshop, has been proven.

gmail crash 248 (photo credit: )
gmail crash 248
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Oh dear, what a disaster. Don't panic, just breath... If you think my life was put in danger, you're wrong. Well, kinda wrong. It's how I felt when I couldn't log-in to my Gmail account after Google's internet email service suddenly crashed last week. If you are one of more than 100 million users that use Gmail, you may have encountered the same problem or anxiety (depending on how hooked you are). After catching my breath, my first thought was how dependent I've become of Gmail and therefore how frustrated I was when it was not available to me. I found myself sitting in front of my computer for 15 minutes with glassy eyes, refreshing the page again and again. I then moved on to the next practical solution: blaming my chief technology for not having internet access in the office when I need it most. Btw, not for a second, did I think it might be Google's fault. Later, it turned out that it was. Well, I guess even a monster like Google crashes sometimes. Another interesting notion that occurred to me was that I never thought to give up on the service. Even if it had taken them a week to solve the problem. Imagine a search for bikes online, while the first result you click on in the results page yields a site that is not available. You would never think twice before continuing to search for alternatives. But when it comes to Gmail, you stick with it even though there are tons of email solutions out there. In Gmail's (and other Google services) case, my guess is that no one considered quitting the service. This is of course due to our dependency, combined with the total trust we have in Gmail. We are also certain that such a failure would never occur if it weren't for a really good reason and undoubtedly being taken care of in the utmost urgency and seriousness. It is not unforeseeable to think that right now, as we speak, thousands of programmers are trying to find where, out of the million lines of Gmail's code, a small comma had been accidentally replaced by a little backslash (or the other way around). The main lesson from this is the power and strength of GMAIL as a brand name, produced in Google's workshop. Moving on to something else, check out this video clip about the dawn of the internet. When you come to think of it, we are using the internet platform to watch a movie on the first days of the internet, when no one had a clue where it was going. Imagine Graham Bell calling his mom using a cell phone, telling her he thinks his invention would eventually succeed. As I've stated several times before, the internet medium is an outcome of the technological evolution which continues in its quest to answer our basic needs, which surprisingly (or not) haven't changed much in the last several thousand years... Amir Orni is the CEO of JPost.com