Groundbreaking music sharing arena launched online

Songweavers allows musicians to create music together while music-lovers able to watch process unfolding in real time.

songweavers 88 (photo credit: )
songweavers 88
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Songweavers, a new online music-sharing arena which uses the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology to enable musicians from around the globe to create music together, has been launched online. The service, which is also available via, means that musicians can get together without physically being in the same location -- producing so called "Open Source Music." Music-lovers can also watch the process unfolding in real time. In addition to the technological breakthrough, this concept also brings forward other possibilities of international cooperation between people, bridging over geographical, political, ethnic and religious gaps. Songweavers offers a membership status to musicians, enabling them to access all the services provided by the site. Non-member visitors can visit the site, watch the creative process unfolding and download all the music available on the site for free. Songweavers, in addition to operating the website, will also operate as music publisher, record company, advertising agency and e-commerce vendor.