Video: 'Madonna is a devil worshipper'

Video of Madonna wrapped in Israel flag posted on Youtube prompts heated, expletive-laden discussion.

madonna youtube israel flag (photo credit: Screenshot from
madonna youtube israel flag
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Madonna wrapped up her world tour with two shows in Tel Aviv, but while the pop star received thunderous cheers from her Israeli public, wrapping herself in an Israeli flag at the end of both shows was a move that raised the ire of Palestinians and their supporters. Madonna was given a large blue and white Israeli flag, apparently by someone in the front rows, minutes before the end of the shows, and wrapped it around herself. Earlier in the shows, she said Tel Aviv was "the energy capital of the world." Videos of the shows' last moments reached the video-sharing Web site Youtube, and heated comments soon followed. [Note: Comments are brought verbatim, typographical mistakes except for the spelling of expletives were not corrected]. "I don't understand why people are surprised at Madonna the Devil worshipper holding the Israeli flag. Israel is nothing more than the synagogue of Satan," wrote one commentator. "Oh sh*t, Madonna is a Jew supporter, why why why choose to be Jew. I rather be a piece of sh*t rather be a Jew" another comment states, to which another person replied, "You already are." "jews making SOME mistakes?? u ARE so wrong!!. Hitler and cia made mistakes too!! jews are doing the same with palestinian than nazis with jews! the only difference is that jews call terrorists to palestinian... but your time is coming to and end... thnx obama!!" another person wrote. Israeli commentators - or Israel supporters - did not hold back and almost every comment is followed by a response. "its not just a flag. She said that israel is the energy center of the world, and the best place for here to be. She love jews, and learns thier religion. so , eat your face, she probably love israel. more then you arabs-that dont give anything to humanity. we give science,you nothing," one commentator said. Some chose to look at the whole incident as a simple gesture to her audience. "what politics? she was in israel, she held the national flag. would it be political if she put a uk, spanish or japanese flag?" one comment said. "22 seconds of video... I can't believe it even made it to youtube, let alone became a most popular feature. Woman goes to a country to sing, holds a flag, it's nothing, it meant nothing, the IDIOT who posted this video wants it to mean something, but this is the most overhyped pile of NOTHING ever," another viewer wrote regarding the footage.