14 flu-sufferers hospitalized in serious condition

Health Ministry chief Dr.Ronni Gamzu says it's "amazing that there are still people who have not been vaccinated despite publicity."

RonniGamzu311 (photo credit: Sourasky Medical Center)
(photo credit: Sourasky Medical Center)
The Health Ministry on Wednesday announced that 14 people have been hospitalized in serious condition suffering from seasonal flu in hospitals throughout the country.
Two of the flu sufferers were described as being in an extremely serious condition.
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Health Ministry director-general Dr.Ronni Gamzu said during an interview with Israel Radio that it is "amazing that there is all this preventive treatment, but even with so much publicity there are still people who do not manage to get the vaccine. "
Gamzu said that the reasons for the low vaccination data is the lack of understanding, ignorance and lack of readiness to go through with it.
"It is the same as when someone says it will not happen to me but it could happen to the healthy ones among us," Gamzu said.
"It is not too late to be vaccinated, there is still stock. We ask all the public to be vaccinated. This is a simple shot with no side effects," he continued.
Gamzu went on to say "Every person over 65 must go to be vaccinated. So far only 55 percent of this age group has done so."