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A doctor prepares a syringe as part of the start of the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign in N

Influenza virus activity in Israel decreases earlier than usual

The Health Ministry announced there has been an early decrease of influenza activity in Israel, probably due to the coronavirus morbidity situation.

Five human cases of H5N6 bird flu reported in China

Five human cases of the H5N6 strain of avian influenza have been reported in China in recent weeks.


Bird flu flown the coop? Israel has outbreak under control - ministry

Long-term plans will be drawn up following a major investigation to ensure there are regulated preparations in place so Israel will not have to just wing it.


Too soon to treat COVID-19 like flu as Omicron spreads - WHO

Evidence, however, is emerging that Omicron is affecting the upper respiratory tract more than the lungs, causing milder symptoms than previous variants.


Flurona: What happens when you catch COVID-19 and flu at the same time?

Everything you need to know about influenza and coronavirus co-infection in what has been described by some as a twindemic.


My Word: ‘Fowl play’ and the other pandemic

This is a disaster but far from being a swan song for the birds.

Canceling plans: I never want to get sick ever again

If I do eventually contract COVID, hopefully we will have treatments to keep people from getting severely ill or dying.


Bird Flu outbreak: 5,500 chickens infected in north

The affected farm produces about 100,000 organic eggs every year, about 2.4% of the organic market.


COVID-19: Outdoor mask mandate for over 50 comes into effect - Ash

Outdoor mask mandate for gatherings of over 50 people * Daily infection rates have tripled since last week

Bird flu: Israel mulls ending hunting season to avoid human transmission

Israel's hunting season kicks off every year in September and lasts four months, with hunters typically hunting birds. 

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