Baby's toes mangled after light colored hair cuts off blood circulation

Kaplan Medical Center narrowly avoids amputating a baby's toes after a hair got wrapped around them without the parents noticing the damage done.

Babies mangled toes (photo credit: KAPLAN MEDICAL CENTER)
Babies mangled toes
A five-month-old baby’s toes around which a light-colored hair accidentally been wound have been saved from amputation by Kaplan Medical Center doctors. The hairs, which were preventing blood circulation to the third and fourth toe on one foot, were noticed by a tipat halav (well-baby clinic) nurse when the toes were already swollen and close to being gangrenous.
Dr. Livne Sinai, a Kaplan pediatrician, said she had sometimes seen damage from one hair wrapped around one toe or finger, but that it was rare to happen to two digits. The mother added that she couldn’t believe such a thing had happened to her baby.
A few days ago, the baby was brought to the Rehovot hospital emergency room. The hair was so fine and light that it was invisible, but it clearly cause lines across the toes, which were white, and severe swelling. The doctors removed the hair after sedating the baby and gave her intravenous antibiotics. The toes have returned to normal.
Sinai noted that swelling and a white color of the toes were signs of something constricting them. The cut from the hair had become very deep. The moment that Dr. Uri Bela, the pediatrician who treated the baby, had been freed of the hair, normal color were restored to them. The hair was hard to identify not only because of its color but because it sunk deep into the tissue.
Parents are advised to look for hairs attached to their baby’s fingers or toes.