Swallowed hijab pin removed from girl

Girl rushed to Petah Tikva emergency room after being scared by insect, causing her to swallow pin.

Hijab pin 311 (photo credit: (Courtesy Schneider Children’s Medical Center))
Hijab pin 311
(photo credit: (Courtesy Schneider Children’s Medical Center))
A “pearl”-topped hat pin that a 17-year old girl held between her teeth to arrange her hijab was extricated from her stomach at Schneider Children’s Medical Center after she accidentally swallowed it.
The girl was saved from bleeding and serious complications last week. The girl rushed to the emergency room of the Petah Tikva hospital. She told the doctors that when she was fixing her hijab and held the pin in her mouth, she saw an insect climbing on the wall that scared her and led to her swallow the roundheaded pin.
Under general anesthetic the pin was carefully pulled out of her stomach and into her throat with a “noose” holding the head of the pin. The doctors used a special implement to remove it completely. She quickly recovered and was discharged to her home in good condition.
Dr. Noam Zabit said the phenomenon of Muslim women and girls swallowing pins is quite common. In most cases, the pin passes through the digestive system without complications, but it can sometimes cause bleeding, pain and infection, he said.