Cuddle up: A guide to choosing a warming blanket for a cold winter

The cold outside means it is time you pamper yourself and curl up in a warm blanket.

 Artemis the cat found a cozy blanket for this winter. How can you find one for yourself? (Illustrative) (photo credit: Shira Silkoff)
Artemis the cat found a cozy blanket for this winter. How can you find one for yourself? (Illustrative)
(photo credit: Shira Silkoff)

The days are short, the nights are long. Winter, and the cold that accompanies it, invites us to a long cuddle with a hot drink between our hands, a good TV series and a blanket that will wrap us in warmth. 

Whether you're cuddling in bed or on the sofa, the most important question is how comfortable and warm will the blanket be.

If you are not sure how to choose the blanket that will exactly suit your needs, if the selection of filling materials confuses you (down with feathers, down with down or even a pouf with synthetic filling) and if you are not clear about the big difference in prices, this will help you make your decision.

 Sleep (Illustrative). (credit: Kate Stone Matheson/Unsplash) Sleep (Illustrative). (credit: Kate Stone Matheson/Unsplash)

Natural or synthetic?

A duvet is available in a variety of compositions that are divided into two main types: A synthetic duvet with anti-allergenic fibers or a duvet filled with natural down or feathers.

Two types of blankets provide a high-quality solution for heating in winter, although each type of filling meets a different requirement thanks to its insulation characteristics, the composition of the wrapping fabric and the technology from which the blanket is made.

  • A blanket made of natural materials - such a blanket will be more pleasant and of higher quality, down blankets filled with goose feathers provide a pleasant texture, while there are blankets that also incorporate down, which is a soft and pleasant part to the touch, and the more it is present, the more insulating, lighter weight and of course the warmer it will be.
  • A synthetic duvet - a suitable choice mainly for those who prefer to purchase a product for which no animal was used. It also has a significantly lower cost.

Whether you have chosen a duvet filled with down or feathers or whether you have chosen a duvet with synthetic filling, it is important to check the composition of the fabric that wraps the blanket, when the preference is a fabric made of 100% cotton and with a high density for the benefit of quality insulation, it is important to invest time in choosing the right blanket that will serve you well.

What else is important to know before purchasing your winter blanket?

  • The story of the fabric - the fabric that wraps the quilt has an important meaning in the quality of the quilt, so it is desirable that the texture of the fabric be made of 100 percent cotton. Such fabric will help absorb sweat and fluids that we sometimes secrete during night sleep. A duvet with such a texture will make sleeping time pleasant, warm you well and will also be easier to clean.
  • Adjust the blanket to the bed - of course, make sure to adjust the blanket upside down to the size of your bed. A duvet is available in two main sizes that differ in width: a children's duvet and a single duvet will come in a uniform size of 150/200 cm. Such a duvet will fit children in a single bed up to a bed and a half. A double duvet comes in a size of 220/200 cm. Please note that when you purchase a bedding set, there is also a match between the size of the blanket and the size of the float.
  • Keep it upside down - the quality of your upside-down blanket can be maintained for years to come, so that it will serve for many winters. For this purpose, we must take care of storing it properly. It is absolutely forbidden to keep such a blanket in damp places that may produce mold. In order to properly clean the blanket, the coating must be separated from it, it is advisable to minimize washing as much as possible and preferably dry cleaning without ironing. Have you decided to do laundry? Soak the blanket in the bath.

A duvet filled with goose down

A blanket filled with natural goose down will give you a pampering feeling and a feeling that simulates sleeping on a cloud. It is lightweight, extremely soft, cozy and warm.

  • The type of filling: it is important to know that there is a difference between the filling compositions of the blanket, which affects both the comfort and quality of the blanket, as well as the price. The higher the quality of the down composition, for example pure goose down and white feathers that have undergone cleaning and sterilization processes, the higher the quality the blanket will be considered.
  • The composition of the filling: there are blankets filled with 90% goose down or those with 70% goose down, while the rest of the filling is white feathers that have undergone cleaning and sterilization processes. The higher the down-filling percentage, the better the thermal insulation provided by the blanket.
  • The quality of the insulation: a duvet with a maximum filling of goose down will have a thermal insulation level of 10, while the blanket with a lower down filling is level 8 on the thermal insulation scale.
  • Cleaning: blankets of this type are recommended to be dry cleaned without ironing.

The price:

SNOW WIND goose down filled duvet, wrapped in fabric made of 100% cotton, 90% goose down filling and 10% sterilized white feathers, thermal insulation level 10, cost: NIS 799.50 - 999.50.

Duvet filled with FROZEN LAKE goose down, outer fabric composition 100% cotton percale downproof with a high density of threads. 70% goose down filling and 30% sterilized white feathers. Thermal insulation level 8: NIS 799.50-599.50.

Feather duvet

A feather duvet is intended for people who prefer a blanket that is a little heavier on the body and is fully filled with feathers that have undergone sterilization processes.

The price:

LAPLAND feather duvet with 100% downproof percale cotton, thermal insulation level 8 will cost around NIS 349.50-249.50.

Blanket for vegans

Duvets filled with hollow synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic, warming, pleasant and especially suitable for people who do not use animal products.

This blanket caters to those suffering from feather allergies and those looking for an alternative to a warming-down blanket at an accessible price.

Another advantage of a duvet filled with synthetic fibers is that it is easier to clean.

The price:

KING duvet made of 100% downproof percale cotton, filled with hypoallergenic hollow synthetic fibers. Insulation level 10 will cost around NIS 449.50-349.50.

The items and prices shown were provided on behalf of Arad Textile, one of Israel's oldest textile manufacturing companies, the largest supplier in the hotel market in Israel for over four decades, which markets its products to a variety of luxury hotels in the US and Europe.