American scientists make progress in decoding the genetics of insomnia

A team of researchers have used human genomics to identify a new genetic pathway involved in regulating sleep from fruit flies to humans.

Can wearing socks to bed help you sleep?

Which is better, to sleep with or without socks? The research makes a strong case for opting to wear them.

By Sam Halpern

Cuddle up: A guide to choosing a warming blanket for a cold winter

The cold outside means it is time you pamper yourself and curl up in a warm blanket.


Man falls asleep with Tesla on auto-drive, causes police car chase

The sleeping man didn't react to police signals telling him to stop resulting in a 15-minute case chase

People ages 30-50 get the least amount of sleep - study

The study is one of the first with a large and globally diverse analysis of sleep duration, all thanks to the power of a video game.

We've all been using neck pillows wrong

This is the trick that will help you sleep on a flight.

By Walla!

Why shouldn't you charge your phone while you're sleeping?

Charging phones for too long can lead to the battery or charger catching on fire.

'Sleep tourism' in hotels boosts sales of beds in Israel

The sleeping experience in hotels includes top-quality mattresses and also a pillow menu, which includes hard, soft and natural pillows with a cooling agent.

Sleep disorder

Sleep apnea: What are the symptoms, causes and dangers? - explainer

What is sleep apnea? What are its symptoms and warning signs? Is it hereditary? Is it curable?  Here's everything you need to know about his potentially deadly sleep disorder.


Losing sleep? Elections may be to blame - study

While conventional wisdom suggests these highly anticipated events, such as elections, can cause stress and disrupt well-being, little research has been published exploring this relationship.

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