A couple (or roomates) workout for any time, even during coronavirus

Take a break from fighting to work up happy endorphins.

Inna Waissenberg (photo credit: Courtesy)
Inna Waissenberg
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Things aren’t always easy for roommates under coronavirus lockdown, but why not take the glass-half-full approach? 
Enlist your roommate (or significant other, or parents, or whoever you’re shacking up with) and work up an endorphin-boosting sweat. This is precisely the mindset Beit Hanna group fitness trainer and founder of Active Vacations, Inna Waissenberg, took. Not only does she regularly work out with her husband, Ben Wortreich (pictured here), but she leads virtual workouts via Zoom with fellow Beit Hanna trainer Ori Humash. The duo teaches various classes – including pure strength, functional training, and butt-focused ones – four times a day and anyone is invited to join on a pay-what-you-wish basis. 
“A lot of people aren’t working right now, so we wanted to provide a safe and fun space,” says Waissenberg.   
Humash and Waissenberg’s classes have quickly developed a cult following. They already teach over 100 students per day and there are waiting lists for most classes. Waissenberg, however, is acutely aware of the stress many are under at the moment so she put together a workout exclusively for The Jerusalem Post readers. The premise is “I go, you go.” 
Grab your partner and put 20 minutes on the clock. Do as many rounds of these four “stations” as you can, slowing down or taking breaks when needed. Each station consists of one dynamic move and one static move. Person A does the dynamic move for 12 repetitions while person B does the static move. Once the 12 repetitions are done, you switch and person B does 12 repetitions of the dynamic move while person A does the static move. Then, you move on to the next station.
Station #1
Dynamic Move: Shoulder Press
Start standing with your feet firmly planted about hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Keeping your core tight, lift the weight you are using overhead. Repeat 12 times.
Static Move: Hollow Hold
Ben WortreichBen Wortreich
Lie down flat on your back with your stomach pulled in toward the floor and your arms and legs held straight out from your body. Slowly raise shoulders and legs and hold.
Station #2
Dynamic Move: Lunges
Ben WortreichBen Wortreich
Start standing with your feet together firmly planted. Slowly alternate your legs by taking big steps forward. Keep your chest high and shoulders back. Stop your back knee just before it touches the floor and stand back up. To make this more difficult you can hold a weight or jump switch the legs. Repeat 12 times on each leg.
Static Move: Lateral Raise Hold
Stand with a weight in each hand at your sides. Keep your back straight and your core tight then slowly lift the weights out to the side until your arms are parallel with the floor with elbows slightly bent. Hold. 
Inna WaissenbergInna Waissenberg
Station #3
Dynamic Move: Squats
Start with your feet firmly planted and shoulder-width apart with your toes slightly pointed outwards. Keeping your core tight lower down, hold for a second before getting back to your starting position. To make this more difficult you can hold a weight or turn this into a jump squat.  Repeat 12 times.
Static Move: Wall Sit
Make sure your back is flat against the wall with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Each leg should be making a 90-degree angle. To make this more difficult you can put weights on your thighs. Hold this position. 
Station #4
Dynamic Move: Pushup
On all fours with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your arms and legs straight lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push yourself back up. Repeat 12 times.
Static Move: Plank
Place your forearms on the floor with your elbows aligned below your shoulders and your arms parallel to your body at shoulder-width. Keep your core tight and hold.
Inna WaissenbergInna Waissenberg