CBD cannabidiol: 5 Exciting new product lines available now

Much care has to go into ensuring that CBD products are of a high standard, so the end-user can ultimately experience the benefits for which it was intended.

CBD (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
As CBD cannabidiol becomes more popular for the treatment of various chronic illnesses, one company, Terravidaonline.com, launched some of the most innovative products yet. It may not be the cheapest CBD company around: for a very good reason. They only produce products that are non-GMO certified and their CBD is made of hemp plants with superior genetics. Clearly much care has to go into ensuring that CBD products are of a high standard, so the end-user can ultimately experience the benefits for which it was intended. After all: people take CBD to improve their health.

We took a closer look at some of the newest CBD products, spread across 5 distinct categories.

CBD consumables:
One of the strongest CBD products available on the market these days, is the 5000mg CBD tincture, made of hemp extract oil. It is a popular choice for those who seek the highest concentration of CBD when combating chronic illnesses. There are off course weaker concentrations available, for example the Terravidaonline range also covers 2500mg, 1000mg, 500mg and so forth. But in cases where a strong dose is required – the 5000mg CBD tincture stands out as an industry leading product. According to the Terravida team, veggie capsules and CBD gummies are often bought as alternatives to tinctures.
CBD skin care:
With so many spas and dermatologists making use of CBD skin care products today, many consumers now buy this directly online. The product range is impressive – and growing. It includes CBD day skin reviver cream, a very popular anti-ageing cream, nightly revitalizing cream, as well as face toners and cleansers. But the list gets even longer as Terravidaonline also produces a CBD tattoo, eye cream – and a body moisture blast butter. (Shop the full skincare range here)
CBD wellness and health support:
This is a product extension range that was launched to help with specific wellness support. The good night sleep oral spray can be kept handy by the bedside for those who suffer from insomnia. A roll-on gel is particularly useful for those who are treating physical pain with CBD, as it can be applied locally to various parts of the body.
CBD animal and pet products:
A high number of veterinary physicians now recommend CBD products for dogs, whether that is to treat anxiety, epilepsy or some other ailment. Terravidaonline supplies a product called “CBD chew treats” as well as oral spray and oral drops – all which are used for animals.
CBD vape pens:
Vaping has long been on the rise as people seek to quit smoking. Needless to say, CBD vaping is incredibly popular nowadays. The company has a well-designed CBD vape pen – which is disposable. It is loaded with 200mg CBD that is THC free, so it certainly will not “get you high”.
How CBD is made:
As an end to end CBD producer, Terravidaonline and Industrial hemp partners (IHP) said that there are several methods to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants. Before CBD can be used in vape pens, massage oil, face cream or any other product, the actual CBD cannabidiol should be produced. We do know that it all starts with isolate extraction that needs to be of a high-quality strain: and this is the part where IHP scientists are rightly being a bit secretive, albeit that products adhere to strict testing for certification purposes. CBD extraction from the hemp plant can be done via CO2 extraction, another process is called Roto-vap. Both the plant genetics and organic farming practices without pesticide are integral parts to ensure that the absolute best CBD can be produced. In a recent article on Jpost, a Florida Doctor was interviewed and provided extensive approval of the Terravidaonline product range.
About Terravidaonline:
The company was founded by an Israeli-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Edmon Mamane. It manages the entire production chain of CBD cannabidiol and related products: from the cultivation of raw produce through farming to product development, packaging and consumer sales. Through its subsidiary, IHP, it also provides CBD isolate on a wholesale basis to other CBD brands worldwide.  It also supplies companies with B2B white-label products and has developed an industry leading affiliate program for publishers in the health sector.
Next steps:
If you suffer from any of the illnesses that CBD is good at treating, speak to your Doctor about CBD cannabidiol. If they agree it is a good idea: making sure you buy the best quality available is a good next step to take.