Health Ministry to launch campaign encouraging Israelis to take vaccine

"The vaccines have undergone stringent safety tests and FDA approval," said Professor Roni Gamzo.

Health Ministry Campaign video featuring Professor Roni Gamzo
The Israeli Health ministry has launched "Get the Vaccine to Beat the Virus," a national campaign designed to encourage Israeli citizens to get the coronavirus vaccine.
On Tuesday night, the first of a series of videos, about the safety of the vaccine will be uploaded. In the video, Professor Roni Gamzo explains the vaccine's safety.
"The vaccines have undergone stringent safety tests and FDA approval," said the professor.
The video explains that safety and efficacy tests were conducted so that before each stage, the pharmaceutical companies had to present the full findings and the audits made to the external committee and only then was permission obtained to proceed to the next stage.
The videos will be posted on TV, digital and social networks and will be produced in other languages.
The series is released shortly following an Israel Hayom poll, which found that just 44% of Israelis intend to get the vaccine, while 37% intend to refuse it. World Health Organization (WHO) experts have pointed to a 65%-70% vaccine coverage rate as a way to reach population immunity through vaccination.
Inoculation was expected to begin in two weeks on December 27, but the ministry said it is considering moving it up to as early as this week.
Zachary Keyser contributed to this report.