How will Israel shorten quarantine, revive tourism?

Quarantine may be shortened under specific conditions

People demonstrate operating of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) checking system, in Lod (photo credit: REUTERS/AMMAR AWAD)
People demonstrate operating of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) checking system, in Lod
(photo credit: REUTERS/AMMAR AWAD)
The Health Ministry is working towards shortening quarantine days for people returning from red countries to five days instead of 12 days.
The plan that is being considered for decreasing the days of quarantine is only for passengers who have been in a red country for four days or less (96 hours maximum), Israel's N12 reports. They will be required to get tested within five days of their return, and if they do not test positive for coronavirus, their time in quarantine will be shortened.  Passengers traveling to red countries for five days or more will still be required to adhere to 12 days in quarantine.
Below are the qualifications for a shorter quarantine, according to N12:
- Those who have been abroad for a maximum of 96 hours from the moment they pass border control
- Those who test negative for coronavirus at least five days after their return
- Those who were in quarantine from the moment they returned until they received approval to shorten their quarantine
- Non-minors
- Those who have not tested positive, did not develop symptoms, and have not been in contact with a corona-positive patient in the 14 days prior to the quarantine shortened date
Another plan on the table is intended to allow tourists to enter Israel in the format of "tourist capsules," meaning organized groups from green countries. Tourists will be required to present a negative coronavirus test. The group will be accompanied by a guide and a driver, and will be completely separated from the general population, N12 reports.
Following the recommendation of the Tourism Ministry, the Border Crossings, Population and Immigration Authority plan on confirming their participation in the plan, N12 claimed.
Below are the requirements to enter Israel as part of "Tourist Capsules":
- All members of the group must arrive in Israel with a medical insurance policy that includes medical treatment for coronavirus
-  All members of the group must arrive in Israel after performing a PCR coronavirus test and receiving a negative result
The group must be accompanied by one guide and one driver throughout the visit to Israel from the moment of landing until takeoff back to their country, according to the report. The guide and driver will not be allowed to return to their homes or separate from the group during the entire visit to the country and must perform a PCR coronavirus test before the group arrives in the country.
During their stay in Israel, the tourist groups will be separated from the general population: eating in separate spaces, getting around on a separate tour bus only, allocating a separate section of the hotel for accommodation, and arranging visits to shops and tourist sites in advance.