Revolutionary face mask protects wearer, inactivates, destroys coronavirus

The mask is the only one capable of destroying the virus in above 99.9% of cases while still being safe and not containing dangerous compounds or metals.

Livinguard face mask protects wearer, inactivates, destroys coronavirus (photo credit: Courtesy)
Livinguard face mask protects wearer, inactivates, destroys coronavirus
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Livinguard face mask with Swiss technology is scientifically proven to destroy SARS-CoV-2. It is reusable, washable and costs less than 0.5 NIS a day.
The local market is flooded with a wide range of face masks, starting with single-use surgical masks, through regular cotton masks, and ending with N95 masks.
We are all obliged to wear them when in public; they are supposed to protect us from contracting SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and to prevent us from infecting others.
The main problem is that even though these masks protect us to some degree while being worn, they certainly do not destroy the viruses, meaning that when taken off and being touched with the hands they are prone to infect the wearer with coronavirus immediately.
From now on, this is no longer a problem – a unique face mask that not only protects but fully destroys and inactivates coronaviruses – the Swiss “Livinguard” face mask. It is distributed in Israel exclusively by the Amos Gazit company, a company specializing in importing and distributing high quality medical and safety equipment since the 1950s.
The uniqueness of the mask is that it’s the only one capable of destroying the viruses in a percentage of above 99.9%, while still being safe and not containing any dangerous compounds and metals.
This unique, patent-protected technology was scientifically proven by researchers from the Free University of Berlin at the Institute for Animal Hygiene and Environmental Health. The technology enables three levels of protection: the anti-viral treatment on the outer layer of the fabric, on its inner layer and the same treatment embedded in the fabric itself.
The mask is being sold for as low as 95₪ (less than 0.5₪/day), replacing 210 disposable single-use masks. The mask is designed for daily use of more than six months, to be washed with water once a week, up to 30 times. Washing the mask does not affect the efficiency of the anti-viral treatment.
Oded Gazit, C.E.O at " Amos Gazit LTD", the official distributor in Israel, says: "As a leading Israeli company, family owned and dealing in import, marketing, exporting and service for a wide variety of products in the field of safety and medicine, it was crucial for us to import a product that protects the public in the most efficient manner. We see it as our mission to assist educating the public on the importance of wearing masks in public settings and practice social distancing."
The mask is soft to touch, comfortable and safe to use, doesn't contain any metals, is hypoallergenic, and comes in two colors (black and blue) and two sizes (L + M) for adults and children respectively.
In addition, a model with an extra layer of an N95 filter is being sold for 130₪. This model is designed for medical teams and for those at risk, and is available in four colors: black, blue, green and red.
Both models can be ordered on

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