Shlomit Malka’s condition improves after e-bike accident

Growing injury toll for electric scooters during summer vacation.

Shlomit Malka (photo credit: GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS)
Shlomit Malka
The medical condition of 23-year-old model Shlomit Malka, who fell from her electric scooter on Sunday while riding down Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, has improved significantly.
Malka arrived at Sourasky Medical Center’s emergency room in serious condition, was ventilated and put under anesthesia.
She woke on Monday, was pronounced in good condition and was transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular department.
Malka was not wearing a helmet while riding the scooter, even though it is required by law.
According to traffic safety organization Or Yarok, only 22% of riders of electric bicycles, scooters, hoverboards and other two-wheeled vehicles wear protective helmets, and many are below the 16-year-old age limit. In addition, most stores selling the vehicles fail to brief customers on age and safety limits as well as how to ride safely, even though they are required to do so, Or Yarok said.
Last year, 10 Israelis were killed while riding such vehicles, and over 540 people were hospitalized for injuries.
Petah Tikva’s Schneider Children’s Medical Center said yesterday that there has been a sharp increase in accidents involving children and electric two-wheeled vehicles since the summer vacation began.
Prof. Yehezkel Weissman, head of the emergency medicine department, said that electric two-wheeled vehicles have been linked to a growing number of injuries and even deaths, and also minimize the amount of exercise that overweight children get.
He urged parents to ensure their children wear helmets and knee pads when riding such vehicles, and that they not be used below the permissible ages. In addition, he said they should not be ridden in the streets or after dark.