Two Israelis contract Zika after visiting Thailand

Eight cases of Zika were diagnosed in Israel since 2019, according to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment. In all of those cases, the patients contracted it while abroad.

A research scientist holds a vial marked "Zika"  (photo credit: REUTERS)
A research scientist holds a vial marked "Zika"
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Two Israelis were diagnosed with the Zika virus after a trip to Thailand, according to a joint statement issued by the Health Ministry and the Environment Ministry.
One of the travelers is from Tel Aviv and the other is from the Sharon area, according to the statement. The report added that the ministries will follow the Tel Aviv Municipality and Sharon area council’s efforts to fight mosquitoes.
The ministries stressed that there have been no transmissions of the virus detected in Israel. Eight Zika cases have been diagnosed in Israel this year, but all of the patients contracted the virus while abroad, they said.
In Israel, the Asian tiger mosquito commonly transmits diseases and is active during the day, especially in hot climates, according to the ministries.
They recommended drying and searching “small bodies of water,” including flower pots and vases, in order to prevent mosquito development. They also issued a special warning for pregnant women and women planning on becoming pregnant.
Despite the virus becoming less common worldwide, the ministries still say that it is possible to contract Zika in many places.