Two Israelis found on ship in Cyprus, breaking quarantine measures

Israelis coming to Cyprus must enter quarantine for two weeks.

Cyprus (photo credit: WALLPAPER FLARE)
(photo credit: WALLPAPER FLARE)
Two Israelis were found in Cyprus, having arrived on a ship, without quarantining upon arrival as is demanded.
Cypriot police did not charge them with a fine, but they were summoned to court, instead.
The Cypriot health authorities took Israel off of their list of "secure" countries in the A rank (the highest rank of security in regard to the coronavirus pandemic) to C due to the rise of infections in the country.
The lowering of Israel's rank means that Israelis coming to Cyprus must enter quarantine for two weeks, while those in ranks A and B are not obligated to do so.
On Tuesday, Transportation Minister Miri Regev instructed her ministry to procure a plan which would allow Israel to renew flights with a handful of safe countries, including Cyprus.
Maariv, the sister publication of The Jerusalem Post, contributed to this report.