World Space Week to wow attendees

Space Week will include free lectures on space in Beersheba pubs, observations of stars at planetariums, virtual reality events and more.

Isaac Ben Israel (photo credit: CHEN GALILI)
Isaac Ben Israel
(photo credit: CHEN GALILI)
Even the sky is not the limit in activities of the Science and Technology Ministry’s World Space Week, which will be held during the intermediate days of Sukkot in Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda market, Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood, the lower city of Haifa and the Old City of Beersheba.
It will include free lectures on space in Beersheba pubs, observations of stars at planetariums, virtual reality events and more. Start-up entrepreneurs will give interactive lectures on the universe. A robot “lecturer” will explain future space settlement, space elevator and the establishment of colonies on Mars. An aerospace physician will speak about the physiology of the body in space and whether it is possible to give birth there.
In addition, the public will be able to experience space flight in a digital planetarium, observe stars, feel as if they are being launched into space, watch a space movie and enjoy the display of satellite models.
The events of the World Space Week have been held for the past 17 years in 37 countries, including Israel, to raise public awareness of space exploration and its contribution to the research, development and welfare of the human race.
According to a resolution of the UN General Assembly, the week is marked every year between the symbolic dates of October 5 – the launch of the first satellite into space – until October 10 – the date of the signing of the UN Space Convention regulating human and research activities in space.
In addition to the World Space Week, the Israel Space Agency also holds Israel Space Week at the end of January in memory of the late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.
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Meanwhile, Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis has decided to extend the tenure of the ISA chairman Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, who has held his post for the last 12 years. “Prof. Ben Israel has made a tremendous contribution to Israel’s status as a power in space technologies,” he said.
“He has had a rich career in public activity and made a significant contribution to the advancement of the space industry in Israel,” Akunis explained. “We want him to continue to take part in its work and are confident that he will continue to lead the ISA to further achievements in the years to come.”
Israel thanked the minister for his continued trust and appointment and said, “I see this as an opportunity to continue to promote the ISA to deal with the future challenges of the space industry. The agency will continue to promote the field of small and small satellites in which Israel has a significant advantage in the world and will act for government recognition of the importance of satellite communications.”