A senescent sea and its legendary minerals and mud are targeted by the BDS movement’s most toxic campaigns. Discover why everyone hates AHAVA, and how you can fight back this winter!

Ahava & BDS (photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
Ahava & BDS
(photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
The Dead Sea sits in a valley at the lowest point on Earth, surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Judean mountains and Jordan's imposing halite cliffs. It is one of the largest, saltiest bodies of water on the planet, and is composed of a unique combination of mineral salts which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. As the water evaporates, some of the minerals settle into silt and become the infamous Dead Sea mud – a potent combination of mineral salts with legendary healing powers. 
For millennia, people have made the journey to the Dead Sea to bathe in its waters and feel the myriad benefits of its inimitable atmosphere – Queen Cleopatra and Herod both visited the lake in their times! 
Harmful UV rays are filtered from the sunlight, and the air is clean and pure. Studies have shown that the 'Dead Sea experience' – bathing in its waters and slathering on a layer of its mud – can have serious therapeutic benefit for people with respiratory illnesses and rheumatic pain, as well as helping cuts and skin blemishes heal. Aside from its curative qualities, the singular mineral composition is uniquely beneficial for human skin – it kick-starts a deep cleansing process and stimulates the skin to renew cells, and has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.  The sea's powerful mineral salts encourage skin to replenish and rejuvenate itself, becoming unbelievably nourished, hydrated and supple. 
Israelis are known for their innovation; for making scientific breakthroughs that allow patients to heal and deserts to blossom. When faced with an enormous salt lake that can in no way help tackle the country's constant threat of draught, entrepreneurial Israelis began harvesting the mineral-rich mud, and using it to create world-renowned skincare products. 
The most famous of the innovators is internationally acclaimed AHAVA. Their principles of natural healing and ethical, environmentally-friendly practice allow them to create some of the world's premier skincare products and make world-class skincare completely accessible. They employ minimally-invasive harvesting techniques and purify the water needed for their formulas. Additionally, their products are packaged in recyclable materials.
Unfortunately, a broad educational program, ethical, green practice and an all-natural approach to skincare aren’t enough to keep everybody happy. On a daily basis, the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement is encouraging people to leave Israeli products sitting on shelves, and Israeli produce rotting in baskets. A particularly virulent section of the campaign called CODEPINK and their noxious offshoot stolenbeauty.org, has chosen to specifically target AHAVA. 
AHAVA's primary complex for research and production is based on Kibbutz Malei Shalom, in the highly contested Judea and Samaria region.
BDS protestors claim that AHAVA is based on an 'illegal settlement in occupied territories', and should be forced to close or move immediately. They believe that harvesting Dead Sea mud in this area breaks international law and prevents the Palestinians from using natural resources, which, they say, are rightfully theirs. Their aim is to convince enough business owners to stop stocking AHAVA that the company will have no choice but to stop production and close down. 
I believe that they – the BDS movement and its malevolent followers – are wrong. I believe that Israel is ours, and that we should be using its incredible natural resources to build our economy and make it thrive. I am proud to be Israeli, and proud of what Israel creates: that's why I am imploring you to fight BDS this winter. I’m on a mission to flip BDS on its head, and turn Boycott, Divest and Sanction into Buy, Develop and Support! 
The only way to turn it round is to Think BIG – Buy Israeli Goods.
If BDS is making its presence felt in your neighborhood, chances are your local shops may have stopped selling Israeli produce. The next best thing? Buy online! As companies bend to BDS pressure and stop carrying lines of Israeli products, more and more people are turning to the internet to buy amazing Israeli products and keep supporting Israel's economy. Online shopping is a great way to help support Israeli businesses, while ensuring that you receive unbelievable value and quality for your money. For example, you can buy AHAVA's gorgeous skincare products right now at unbeatable prices, helping your skin and our economy at the same time!
Whether you’ll be spending the cold months digging your car out of the snow, snuggling into a deep sofa with a warm blanket, or skiing down the Alps, please remember that Israel needs you. Our economy needs you. Only people who love and support Israel can help us tackle BDS, and I hope you’ll be making our plight your fight this winter. We can overcome – if you remember to Think BIG!