The "Moskowitz Mahzor"
15th century Jewish prayer book restored by National Library of Israel

The 376-page treasure took several months to restore due to the complicated procedure and its delicate condition.

 A kippah demonstration in front of a synagogue in Berlin
AJC urges: Be #JewishANDProud, wear Judaica and tweet it

AJC said it has received feedback that many Jews in the Diaspora conceal their Jewish identities out of fear.

Menorah of Marilyn Monroe sold for $112,522 at auction

Sale of Menorah highlights personal connection Monroe had towards Judaism

The British Library, London
Rare Jewish texts showcased in British Library online collection

Display includes 10th century Hebrew Bible, a 14th century manuscript of ‘The Guide for the Perplexed,’ and the first complete printed text of the Mishna from 15th century Naples.

Dostoevsky offends me but I’ll live with it

THINK OF Rome’s debt to ancient Greek culture, literature, religion and law.

Kids leave home; ‘Encyclopedia Judaica’ stays

A picture of the Encyclopedia Judaica just won’t do it. I want it there. It is a mooring that provides me with a sense of security and stability.

Reading a torah scroll
Boston museum pays $500K for rare Torah ornaments

Richels was a prolific silversmith with a wide body of work including Christian religious items.

Sotheby's to hold 'Important Judaica' auction

Sotheby's, the international broker of fine art, jewelry and collectibles will hold an auction titled "Important Judaica" on June 5.

Lag Ba'omer
Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'omer brings music, smiles and bonfires - pictures

The tomb of a 2nd-century Jewish age turned into a massive celebration for the traditional Meron pilgrimage on Lag Ba'omer.

A colorful hanukia from the Judaica Web Store.
One of Manhattan’s three remaining Judaica stores is closing

“The next generation doesn’t shop in stores,” he told The Jewish Week. “That’s the nature of the world.”

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