The Power of Love

Yad Ezra  (photo credit: YAD EZRA VESHULAMIT)
Yad Ezra
(photo credit: YAD EZRA VESHULAMIT)
Sara, a loving mother of a 4 month old baby came in looking embarrassed and distraught. Her baby had marks up and down her back side. With obvious hesitation, Sara asked to speak to Aryeh Lurie. 
"When Mr. Lurie came in, the first thing he asked was, what are those marks on your baby? With her head hung, in a hardly audible voice, Sara replied, "We don't have money for baby formula or diapers. I only change my baby once a day. I love my baby so much and I can't stand her cries. When I water down the baby formula, it makes her stop crying. I feel terrible. I know she needs more nutrition but I don’t have money for the baby formula. I was too embarrassed to come in but I love my baby so here I am. I need food for my child. Can you help me?" 
As a small nation we understand that no one is dispensable. Not Sara. Not her baby. We need each other to build our future. 
Israel needs Sara and her baby’s contribution as much as we need yours. 
That’s why the recent reports on child malnutrition are so alarming. These reports show that close to one third of Israeli families live below the poverty line. This includes thousands of babies who either frequently miss meals or have their portions diluted during feeding, like Sara’s. The short and long term effects of malnutrition in babies include behavioral issues, impaired growth and development and increased susceptibility to lingering diseases. Not only can this have severe consequences on the child but on the country in general, as one third of the Israeli population will enter adulthood under these circumstances. This is devastating for the child, the family and the country.
Their part in the whole will be absent or diminished. Their part in the building of this nation will be lost. 
Aryeh Lurie, the founder of Yad Ezra V Shulamit, understood this truth full well. 
To repeat the facts:
 • 1/3 of Israel children live below the poverty line
 • Thousands of infants are improperly fed or malnourished
 • This malnutrition causes devastating development issues 
• Long term negative effects for the child, the family and for Israel 
You have the power to completely reverse this trend. Through your generous contributions, Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Baby Center will be able to deliver baby formula, baby food, diapers, wipes and other infant products to hundreds of new mothers, like Sara, in desperate need of help. 
Let’s give a baby the opportunity to have a normal life and contribute to this dynamic, small ,but incredibly far reaching country. Let’s give a baby in Israel a future they deserve. Please click here and make a contribution to Israel's future by feeding her children.