Forty-nine years in 10 questions

How well do you know the Holy City? Test your knowledge.

Mark Twain (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Mark Twain
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
1. In 1867, Mark Twain visited the Holy Land and came to Jerusalem. In his book Innocents Abroad, he described the city as “mournful, dreary and lifeless, sits in sackloths and ashes…” Twain stayed at a hotel in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter that has become famous more than a century later as the home of an Israeli political figure. What is the name of the building that housed the hotel, and who is the Israeli politician?
2. How many Jewish kings reigned over Jerusalem in biblical times?
3. How many archeological sites are there in the city?
4. The accidental loss of false teeth in Jerusalem became an international diplomatic affair that required the intervention of the United Nations. Who was involved, and when and where did it occur?
5. Many remember the legendary reaction of prime minister Golda Meir after meeting with a delegation of the Black Panthers, but what was the reaction of no-less-legendary mayor Teddy Kollek to the largest demonstration of that group in May 1972?
6. She lived in the Old City, dedicated her life to charitable deeds, and her story was told by one of modern Israel’s greatest authors. What was her name and who wrote about her?
7. It is said that Jerusalem has 70 names. Can you cite 10 of them?
8. One of the songs most widely identified with the reunification of Jerusalem following the Six Day War was Naomi Shemer’s “Jerusalem of Gold” – but what is the real meaning of the term?
9. Since what year has the Knesset been located in Jerusalem, and where were its first locations (before the current one in Givat Ram)?
10. How many museums are there in Jerusalem?