50 Influential Jews: The Protest Leaders - No. 4

Dr. Shikma Bressler, Eynat Guez, and Eyal Naveh are championing the fight against judicial reform.

Eynat Guez, Eyal Naveh, and Shikma Bressler. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/FLASH90, Courtesy, REUTERS)
Eynat Guez, Eyal Naveh, and Shikma Bressler.
(photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/FLASH90, Courtesy, REUTERS)

Israel’s 2023 has perhaps been most defined by the judicial reform and the massive protests raised in response. Leaders of this anti-overhaul movement have managed to shape the course of Israel by bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the streets.

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Dr. Shikma Bressler

Weizmann Institute of Science particle physicist Dr. Shikma Bressler is an accomplished scientist but is also known as a leading member of the Black Flag protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2020. The black flag was lowered in 2021 with the end of Netanyahu’s previous administration, but the movement gained new life in 2023 when the judicial reform was announced. Weekly Saturday protests at Kaplan Street became synonymous with the anti-reform movement, leading to the rebranding of Black Flag and other groups as Kaplan Force. Bressler has continued to lead marches and speak at Kaplan events.

Eynat Guez

Co-founder and CEO of Papaya Global, Eynat Guez was also established in her industry, the first woman to head a hi-tech “unicorn” in Israel, but has been involved with the Hi-tech Protest, one of the most successful of the anti-reform organizations. Guez has been one of the voices cautioning about the economic impact of the reform, warning that she would move the payroll platform’s funds outside the country.

Eyal Naveh

Former Sayeret Matkal commando Eyal Naveh is one of the founders of the Brothers in Arms protest group. The NGO has galvanized military reservists opposing the reform, organizing volunteers to end their service. The resignations challenged the readiness of the IDF and helped push the government to freeze reform legislation.