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'Death to the dictator!' Protests spread at universities across Iran

Security forces cracked down on protesting students at Sharif University on Sunday, arresting over 30.


Hackers claim to reveal identities of cops who arrested Mahsa Amini

The 3ackd0or hacker group revealed what it said was the personal information and photos of the officers who beat Mahsa Amini.


Iraqis gather in Baghdad to mark anniversary of 2019 anti-government protest

In what was meant to be a moment commemorating government unrest, more violence struck Iraqi citizens who gathered to mark an important anniversary.


Iran fires at students as Mahsa Amini protests continue to escalate

The Iranian commander was identified as Ali Mousavi, chief of the intelligence unit in Sistan-Baluchestan.


Russians fearful, anxious over Putin's mobilization as protests escalate

A Russian man attempted to firebomb a Russian military recruitment office amid growing concern and unrest over President Vladimir Putin's draft.

Iran arrests Europeans accused of role in unrest

As protests in Iran continue, officials in Iran are arresting and accusing Europeans in the nation for playing a part in the unrest.


Iran accused of massacre in South amid wave of protests

The recent incident came as protests continue in Iran and the regime appears to be resorting to more force against the protesters.

Why do ongoing Iran protests have the regime flailing, worried?

IRANIAN AFFAIRS: Why the US and West have been more critical of Tehran’s brutal crackdown on internal dissent than in 2009.

Iranian musician, soccer player arrested for supporting protests

Protests continued throughout Iran on Thursday night, with demonstrations reported in multiple cities.

Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden reacts during a televi

Is Biden going to hinder the hijab revolution? - opinion

The only thing “very clear” is that America intends to bolster the regime in Tehran at the expense of the Iranian people.

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