50 Influential Jews: Schusterman Family Philanthropists - No. 16

In Israel, the Schustermans are at the forefront of social services work.

 Lynn and Stacy Schusterman (photo credit: COURTESY)
Lynn and Stacy Schusterman
(photo credit: COURTESY)

Lynn and Stacy Schusterman are prominent philanthropists in the US and Israel. Lynn began the family’s foundation together with her husband, Charles, in 1987. They co-led the foundation until Charles passed away in 2000. Lynn then led the foundation for the next 15 years until the couple’s daughter Stacy joined her as co-chair. Stacy took over as chair of Schusterman Family Philanthropies in 2018. Lynn now serves as chair emerita.

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Since the earliest days of their philanthropic activities, the Schustermans devoted substantial resources to ensuring a strong US-Israel relationship and to building understanding of and support for Israel. They helped to build the field of Israel studies at the university and pre-collegiate level. They supported initiatives that bring tens of thousands of young people to visit Israel each year, including being among the founders of Birthright. And they were one of the lead funders of efforts to combat BDS and the delegitimization of Israel on US college campuses. The Schusterman family is also known for their extensive work to strengthen the Jewish community and engage young people with Jewish life through organizations such as BBYO, Hillel, Moishe House, and Repair the World. 

In Israel, the Schustermans are at the forefront of social services work, through longstanding support for child and family safety, with particular focus on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and supporting at-risk women. They are among the first to provide crisis support during emergency situations, including during COVID-19 and supporting residents living in the Gaza envelope during Operation Guardian of the Walls. In 2022, the Schusterman family helped Israel’s Foreign Ministry build a field hospital during the war in Ukraine.

Schusterman Family Philanthropies gives more than $400 million annually across its charitable grantmaking in the US and Israel. Beyond giving in the Jewish community and Israel, Schusterman Family Philanthropies invests significant resources in the US on public education, criminal justice reform, gender equity, and voting rights. 

Lynn and Stacy Schusterman recently received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for their philanthropic work, which has always been motivated by their Jewish values.